Chapter 1

The Second Darkness: Chapter 1

The world is ending, or so you have heard from Nalar, The Orc’s have done something horrible. It has cost their race greatly, they are almost extinct. Before Nalar left he told you that Omidar is leaving him in charge of the Orc’s and that this would be his final message, the shadow has defeated all they left and Nalar should assume them to be dead. The shadow’s legion is marching strong and tirelessly through the Orc territory straight to the realm of man. Nalar intends to cross the Front mountain range to the east. and start a settlement in the barrens.

In the days after, Nim, and Ben cannot find neither Myrin nor Reyny after asking around. The townsfolk inform the group that they have not seen Myrin at all, and that Reyny left the town shortly after everyone was freed. Ben was to busy organizing the townsfolk to notice his absence. Halt has continued to trade wild game for supplies that the party need’s as they prepare for what is to come. Dylan finally finishes his chores in the monastery, and closes its door’s as this master is away. Rook begins training in his Rook cave to prepare for the upcoming adventure.

It has been a week since the Orc’s left your town. In that time you have release the slaves, and people are starting to put their lives back together. You haven’t told anyone else about the eminent doom that awaits everyone in the north. A few days after, Richard the drunk who stole Ben’s horse comes riding back into town, bringing with him the royal army vanguard. He apologizes for stealing the horse, and informs you his brother-in-law is a captain in the royal guard, and was able to mobilize a small vanguard to assess the situation.

The army is impressed with the feat’s you have achieved, and insist you return the the capital to talk to the king about the orc’s. You decide to go the the capital to talk to the king, something has to be done or The Shadow will dominate the realm before long if we do not prepare. However you don’t think this is a threat that the humans can handle on their own and after convincing the king to take action, you think you should find passage to the realm of elves. To try and enlist their help, and the help of all races on Esnurn.

Thus The Second Darkness begins to consume the world.

Chapter 1

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