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Mystic Focus

At the beginning of your turn you can choose to focus on the next spell you cast this turn. If you do, your speed becomes 0 for this turn, you take a -1 penalty to AC, and can’t take a reaction until your next turn. You also gain one of the following benefits:

-The spell save DC of the next spell you cast is increased by 2


-You can cast the spell with Subtle Spell


-The next spell you cast is considered to be cast one spell level higher than normal, but you must be able to cast the spell at the increased level.

Spirit Familiar

Pick one of the following familiars to be your spirit familiar. You gain the Find Familiar spell and can use it to summon your spirit familiar. You can cast the associated cantrip through your spirit familiar. Your spirit familiar can also maintain concentration for one spell if you are also maintaining concentration.

Bat – Guidance
Cat – Spare the Dying
Crab – Blade Ward
Fish – Friends
Frog – Thaumaturgy
Hawk – True Strike
Lizard – Fire Bolt
Octopus – Thorn Whip
Owl – Light
Rat – Chill Touch
Raven – Vicious Mockery
Seahorse – Ray of Frost
Snake – Acid Splash
Spider – Mend
Weasel – Prestidigitation

Multiclass Adept

Choose two classes that you already have levels in. You gain two levels in each of those classes, but with the four following restrictions:

1. This cannot bring any of your class levels above your character level.

2. You also forfeit the next ability point increase that you would gain from a class. For example, if you were a 4th level Cleric and a 2nd level Monk when you took this feat, you would not gain an ability point increase from getting a 4th level in Monk.

3. If you would gain spell slots from both classes, you only gain spell slots from one of them

4. You gain no hit dice from levels gained in this way.

Homebrew Content

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